Program and courses

The Geo Information Minor has 3 components:

1. September & October: Geo-data and Geo-Anvis

Geo-data: This course provides you with insight into the different ways of gathering geo data and teaches you a structural method of appraising its applicability. You prepare geo data to be used for geographic analysis and visualization.

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Geo-AnVis (Geographic Analysis and Visualization): In this course you gain knowledge of spatial analysis and visualization. We will use different methodologies and tutorial assignments to understand how to go from data to information in order to support decision making.

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Geo-data and Geo-AnVis run in parallel. The first 4 weeks are dedicated to theory lectures and tutorial assignments to acquire Knowledge and skills. Followed by 4 weeks of a case study (supervised independent group work) on the optimal selection of a location using multi-criteria analysis.

2. November & December: Research assignment

This has an internship format and students carry out an individual research project in the domain of spatial information at a host institution (more…)

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Although the VU website says it is in Dutch, the Research Assignments are in fact in English.

3. January (or Spring): Specialization courses

One specialization course to deepen your knowledge. You can chose from:

Land Use Change (6 ECs) at the VU in January (Link to course)


Advanced GIS (7.5 ECs) at UU (Link to course)