The Research Assignment Module takes the form of a 2 month internship at a hosting institution (a company, government or research institution).

In the first period you have learned about different data sources, processing and analysis techniques and visualization methods. You have implemented some of them in the case study and now it is time to further develop your skills with a real world challenge!

You will be hosted by an institution who has a challenge and trusts you can help them develop a solution using geospatial technology.

We are very proud of our extensive network of partners and they provide excellent opportunities for research assignments. But, if you are interested in a particular company, NGO or governmental institution, please feel free to create your own internship opportunity. Besides the daily supervision at the host, you will have supervision from the GI minor team to support you in answering the host’s question.

Our partner list is constantly changing and growing. In the past, students were able to carry out internships at:

  • Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken
  • Johan Cruijf ArenA
  • Iv-Infra (former Advin)
  • Brabant Water
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • Deltares
  • Gemeente Den Haag
  • Gemeente Rotterdan
  • Geodan
  • Kadaster
  • Kieskompass
  • Waterrecreatie Nederland
  • Netherlands Forensic Institute
  • Climate Adaptation Services
  • Waag Society
  • VanderSat
  • Ministry I&M
  • Port of Rotterdam

among many others…

Like the rest of the minor, the research assignments are in English. Of course your communication with the host can be in Dutch, however the final report and presentations are in English thus making it possible for English speaking students to join as well.

(see 2018/2017 available positions interactive map)


“At Dutch Water Authority Rivierenland I wasn’t ‘just an intern’, even before my final presentation they were looking for ways to incorporate my research results in their organization.”
Dymphie Burger, Dutch Water Authority Rivierenland

“During my internship at Kadaster I was placed at a dynamic, internationally orientated department. I was given free reign to do an interesting research project with good guidance that taught me a lot.”
Derek van Bochove, Kadaster Internationaal

“By taking part in the GI Minor I met a lot of passionate people; people with an infectious passion to make systems run more efficiently and provide others with a better overview.”
Monique Spruijt, FaciliDat