The National GI Minor or Spatial Data Science Minor allows students to develop their skills in Geographic Information Science and focuses on learning by doing. The students are challenged to become independent researchers as they design and carry out various research assignments supervised by experts in the GI field. A highlight of the minor is a 2 month internship at a societal host (company or government) where students help the host answer geographic questions using spatial data and technology.

The GI Minor was created by 5 universities (VUA, UU, WUR, TUD, UT) and is currently being offered by VUA and UU.

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“Het vakgebied geo-informatie is onverminderd belangrijk, denk aan hergebruik van ruimte, smart grids, operationeel beeld, mobiele toepassingen, bevolkingsanalyse etc. Logica heeft belang bij geo- informatiedeskundigen die tevens IT kennis bezitten.” 

Robert Voûte, practice manager Geo-ICT, CGI NL

GI Minor Student Herman Rietema (2017/2018) featured on AT5 coverage presenting his case study investigation regarding location suitability for young families in Amsterdam.

GI minor Case study work featured on AT5