The National Geo Information Minor allows students to develop their skills in Geographic Information Science and focuses on learning by doing. The students are challenged to become independent researchers as they design and carry out various research assignments supervised by experts in the GI field. A highlight of the minor is a 2 month internship at a societal host (company or government) where students help the host answer geographic questions using spatial data and technology.

The Geo Information Minor was created by 5 universities (VUA, UU, WUR, TUD, UT) and is currently being offered by VUA and UU.

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Underground Challenge 2020

The class of 2020 participated in the Underground Challenge organized by the Dutch National Key Registry of the Subsurface (Basis Registratie Ondergrond). Students were invited to think about the future of the city of Utrecht. Knowing what is going in the subsurface is crucial. Many sustainable solution can be found under our feet!

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“As a student from a policy engineering background I have learned that many of today’s challenges are spatially related. The courses from the GI Minor allowed me to use GIS techniques to tackle these problems and approach them in an interdisciplinary way.”

Floris Boendermaker – GI Minor Student

“There is a need for T-shaped people, people who have knowledge of two disciplines and who can make out the intersection. If geo-information is one of those disciplines, you’ll have a unique combination in your skillset.” 

Jan Willem van Eck, director of strategy, Esri Nederland