The National Geo Information Minor allows students to develop their skills in Geographic Information Science and focuses on learning by doing. The students are challenged to become independent researchers as they design and carry out various research assignments supervised by experts in the GI field. A highlight of the minor is a 2 month internship at a societal host (company or government) where students help the host answer geographic questions using spatial data and technology.

The Geo Information Minor was created by 5 universities (VUA, UU, WUR, TUD, UT) and is currently being offered by VUA and UU.

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We were recently interviewed by the “BIG-Nieuws” journal ( a journal for GIS professionals) about our GIS education. Please have a look at the items below (in Dutch).



“There is a need for T-shaped people, people who have knowledge of two disciplines and who can make out the intersection. If geo-information is one of those disciplines, you’ll have a unique combination in your skillset.” 

Jan Willem van Eck, director of strategy, Esri Nederland

‘The National GI Minor at the VU University allowed me to positively change my perspective of geo-information science. Having done only two preliminary GIS courses, the minor offered a significant opportunity to grasp the concepts and foundations of modern day GIS. A distinct variety of topics covered in the seminars has notably broadened my skills and thinking. Some seminars and projects were quite challenging, yet the available assistance boosted my confidence with the technical aspects, which I admired. The lecturers are friendly, open-minded and willing to discuss potential critique the students have and take this into consideration when assessing next years course structure. All in all, an insightful opportunity to get familiar, confident and experienced with GIS.’

Paolo Tasseron, GI Minor student